Summit Family Health Clinic is seeking a Registered Dietitian – Meridian, Idaho

Job Title: Dietitian

Job Summary: We are looking for an energetic and motivated individual who enjoys working one-on-one with patients to help them achieve their metabolic health goals. Summit Family Health Metabolic Clinic works closely with patients to help them reverse insulin resistance using the latest nutritional research and lifestyle changes.

Job Description: Works closely with the provider and metabolic team (nursing staff), meeting with patients face to face to provide nutritional education/counseling. Assists in the development of content for patient visits. Calls patients with test results with instructions given by the provider. Assists patients with body composition testing and interpretation of those metrics. Communicates with patients via the patient portal and answers relevant nutritional questions. Work closely with an interdisciplinary team.

Job Salary/Benefits: Competitive with Regional Dietitian wages and benefits. Full-time preferred but negotiable

Office Contact: Jolene Jaynes, Summit Family Health Office Manager, 208-895-8775

Provider Contact: Bill Jensen, Provider and Metabolic Clinic Manager, cell: 208-901-4961 and email: