Nutrition Consultant – Friends of Children & Families, Inc., Head Start & Early Head Start – Ada and Elmore Counties, Idaho (Boise, Mountain Home) – application

Provide nutrition services to Friends of Children and Families (FOCAF) staff, children, and families enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start programs.
Contracted work – $40/hr. (hours vary)
Scope of Services – 

  • Consult with the FOCAF Health and Safety Manager (HSM) and Health and Safety Coordinator (HSC) on children and families with identified nutrition deficiencies and needs.
  • Consult with the FOCAF HSM and HSC on pregnant women and infants & toddlers with identified nutrition needs.
  • Follow-up with families whose children fall below 5% or above 95% on the growth charts.
  • Develop treatment and follow-up plans for children, families, pregnant women, and infants & toddlers enrolled in FOCAF with nutrition deficiencies and needs.
  • Consult with FOCAF team members (Teachers, Teachers’ Assistants, Family Advocates, Early Parent Childhood Educators) on children, pregnant women and families with identified nutrition deficiencies and needs.
  • Provide nutrition counseling to families with identified nutrition needs.
  • Document plans, conversations, and follow-up with families into our Child Plus database.  ​​​​​​
  • Assist in USDA menu planning, including planning for special diets and food allergy accommodations for HS and EHS.
  • Participate in staff and parent In-Service meetings as needed.
  • Assist in writing and reviewing the Nutrition Policies and Procedures for FOCAF Head Start and Early Head Start programs.
  • Provide and create age-appropriate nutrition education materials for FOCAF families, pregnant women, and children.
  • Consult with HSM, HSC, and FOCAF Staff about the quality of the nutrition education curriculum used in high school and elementary school programs.
  • As requested, assist in developing Children’s Health Plans and Nutrition Screeners for both programs.
  • Provide assistance to the Multidisciplinary Team as needed.
  • Provide classroom and PAL time observations as requested by HSM and HSC.
  • Present health education on nutrition to FOCAF children, pregnant women, and families in the classroom, at PAL times, and at Family Gatherings.
  • Attend FOCAF Health Service Advisory Committee (HSAC).

Requirements—The candidate must be able to pass an Enhanced Background Check with the Idaho Health and Welfare Background Check Unit and successfully pass a TB and drug screening (paid for by FOCAF).