Poster Sessions
Presenting a poster during Poster Sessions at the Annual Meeting is an opportunity to share peer-reviewed research, program findings, or projects. Anyone interested in participating as a presenter is invited to submit their project for peer-review.

The submission deadline is March 1, 2024.

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Benefits of presenting a poster
– It demonstrates your initiative and commitment to dietetics practice.
– Networking and knowledge-sharing with other dietetic professionals and students during the poster session at the Annual Meeting.
– Posters that deal with unique practice settings or programs provide mentoring to students and professionals about employment opportunities.
– The poster displays your scholarly work and provides recognition of research efforts and experiences.
– Presenting gives you the opportunity to enhance your written and oral communication skills.
– The peer review process is a valuable tool for constructive learning.
– Presenting is a valuable addition to your curriculum vitae or resume.
– A registration discount of $50 off will be extended to one presenting author who is also a current member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (only one discount is available per person; cannot be combined with other registration discounts/scholarships; has no cash value).

Preparing your submission
– Include headings in your abstract submission. Bold your headings.
– Suggested headings for research abstracts are: Research question or
objective, Literature Review, Theory (if applicable), Methods, Results, Conclusions, and Funding Disclosure.
– Suggested headings for program/project reports and student projects are: Objective, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Conclusions, and Funding Disclosure.
– Word limit is 250-275 (max).

– Student posters require faculty member review before submission. The faculty member’s name will be included on the poster abstract as “faculty sponsor.”
– The presenting author is required to register and attend the Annual Meeting for at least the day of poster presentations.
– The applicant is responsible for meeting registration, travel, and other expenses associated with the poster.
– Posters must be attached to a 36” X 48” tabletop tri-fold display. Each wing is 12” W X 36”H, with the center section being 24”W X 36”H. Your table top poster should not be any larger than 36”H X 48”W.

Other information
– Poster abstracts are peer-reviewed.
– All author names will be published.
– Abstracts will also be published in the electronic meeting handouts.
– Presenting authors will participate in oral presentations in front of the full Annual Meeting audience at the beginning of the session. This is an opportunity to share a brief introduction about the topic of your research/project with all Meeting attendees.

Peer-Review Evaluation Criteria
Research Abstract
– Research Outcome: Focus, clarity, clear statement of purpose of research.
– Methods: Adequacy of research design and analysis to meet objectives.
– Results: Summary of data, results and evidence included and is consistent with research objectives.
– Conclusions: Scientifically sound, valid interpretation of the results.

Program or Project Report and Student Project Abstracts
– Relevance: Clear purpose stated, appropriateness, timeliness, audience intrigue.
– Priority: Recognized precedent; cutting-edge concern.
– Originality: Uniqueness of topic or format.
– Synthesis: Evaluation of report results, findings, or applications.

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