How to Apply for Your National Provider Identifier Number (NPI)

How to Apply for Your National Provider Identifier Number (NPI) – Prepared by the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Public Policy Committee 4-21-2019

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends RDNs apply for an NPI number.

Three key reasons why this supports RDNs and NDTRs and our profession:

  1. NPIs are needed to demonstrate a viable nutrition and dietetics workforce to external stakeholders, including the government and private payers.
  2. NPIs determine provider attribution to patient care. Positive patient impact translates into cost savings. NPIs can track the contribution to improved patient outcomes.
  3. Analysis of NPI data can be used to better understand the providers involved in cost effective care that potentially secures or improves reimbursement.

For a more detailed description read What is a National Provider Identifier and Why Does Every Dietetics Practitioner Need One:

To apply for an NPI:

Easy Steps: While the document is six pages, what you fill out is simple:

  1. Read the document for background.
  2. What you fill out:


  1. Reason for Submittal
  2. Entity Type – Individual


  1. Individuals (This is you!)
  2. Organizations: Your employer may have an NPI number, but you may have your own. If you are unsure about proceeding to get your own NPI, contact your employer for clarification.

SECTION 4. CERTIFICATION STATEMENT: This section “requires” a signature if you are mailing your application otherwise the online submission does not require it.

SECTION 5. CONTACT PERSON: Even though this area is noted “required”, it is not necessary.


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