Looking for a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the professional association for RDNs has a free Find a Nutrition Expert service. It allows you to retrieve a list of dietitians based on areas of expertise and location.

You can also check your health plan’s website—dietitians approved to accept payment from your health insurance plan are usually listed in the provider section. Plus, some community health centers, hospitals, and universities offer outpatient nutrition services. The table below provides links to hospital and university outpatient nutrition services.

How to Locate an Outpatient RDN
Health Insurance Sites  
Your health insurance may pay for some of the cost of nutrition
counseling. Check the provider directory for RDNs.
Community Health Centers
Many community health centers provide nutrition counseling
services. Ask about their income-based sliding fee scales.
Hospital Outpatient Services
Check local hospital websites.
Boise VA Medical Center  
Gritman Medical Center  
Kootenai Health  
Saint Al’s Outpatient Nutrition
St Luke’s Outpatient Nutrition  
Portneuf Medical Center
West Valley Medical Center  
University Nutrition Clinics
Check in with your local university.
Boise State University 
Idaho State University
The University of Idaho
The College of Idaho