Congratulations to Idaho’s Outstanding Dietetic Student Award Recipients for 2021-2022

Students will be recognized at the Annual Meeting and their names will be published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in September.

The future is bright for RDNs in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. Students are selected for this award by their programs. For more information about this National recognization, click here:

Bin Liang – University of Idaho CPD

The University of Idaho Coordinated Program in Dietetics has selected Bin Liang to receive the Outstanding Dietetics Student Award 2022.
Bin Liang holds a bachelor’s degree in Land Use Management from Henan Agricultural University, a master’s degree in Human Geography from Sun Yat-Sen University, and a master’s degree in Human Development and Social Policy from the University of Utah. Throughout her educational journey, she discovered her passion is food and nutrition! Bin will complete the two-year Coordinated Program in Dietetics and receive a verification statement from the University of Idaho in May 2022. Once she has her credential as an RDN, Bin hopes to work either as a Clinical Dietitian or as a Community Nutritionist on the Palouse. Throughout this challenging time, Bin’s professors note that she has been the most positive and professional throughout all the classes, assignments, and activities in the program. Bin is genuinely excited about learning! She expresses her love of every opportunity related to food and nutrition. Bin is also a good team member who works to develop relationships with others. She is very supportive of her classmates. Bin is a unique and special student deserving of recognition.

Kirsten Pfannmuller, Idaho State University MS-DI

A native of the Boise area, Kirsten completed her undergraduate degree in Montana and returned to Idaho to complete the MS, Dietetic Internship at the ISU Meridian Campus. She became interested in nutrition through running, as sports were a great outlet for her energy as a child. Struggling through some injuries, Kirsten wanted to learn how to fuel her body for exercise. With her studies in nutrition, she developed a love for cooking, sustainability, and intuitive eating. Her ultimate goal is to start a private practice for nutritional counseling focused on her interest in pediatrics, women’s health, and community nutrition. Kirsten’s capstone project focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed infant feeding practices in Idaho. When not busy with her studies, she likes to spend time outside and bond with friends, family, and her dog Ida. Kirsten is excited to start her career in dietetics!

Shalissa Tomkinson, Idaho State University DPD

Shalissa Tomkinson is a senior majoring in Dietetics at Idaho State University. Shalissa lives in Rockland, ID where she and her husband are raising five girls. Shalissa is an intelligent and inquisitive student who has excelled in the classroom. Faculty repeatedly comment on Shalissa’s organizational skills, work ethic, professionalism, and ability to contribute meaningfully in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, Shalissa has been active in both Phi Upsilon Omicron and the Nutrition and Wellness Club. Shalissa is currently the Phi Upsilon Omicron president. Her strong leadership and organizational skills have become a key factor in the group’s success. As president, Shalissa has organized numerous club activities including a $900 cookie dough fundraiser, built comradery among members, and effectively delegated tasks to others. Additionally, Shalissa has served as the DPD student representative on the Dietetic Advisory Committee (DAC) for the past year. As part of DAC, Shalissa is responsible for obtaining feedback regarding the program from her peers and reporting back to the committee. Within the Rockland community, Shalissa is a mentor. She has served as a high school volleyball coach and church advisor for teenage girls where she plans activities to help develop life skills. Shalissa plans to begin the combined Master’s degree and dietetic internship program at Idaho State University this fall.