Contact a member in your area.

As part of our “We Are Better Together” work, Board members from each geographic area from North Idaho to Southeast Idaho have agreed to serve as local contacts.  Their role is to keep members in their local area informed about Idaho Academy programs of work, including but not limited to activities such as NNM, public relations, community service, licensure, public policy efforts, annual meeting, area meetings, and other board initiatives.  Local liaisons can also help you if you are new to Idaho and need information about the Idaho Academy.

Send us an e-mail at with your name and contact information (and where you live), and we will have one of these members contact you.

THANK YOU. We are so much better when we work together across this great state.

North Idaho

Hydee Becker

Treasure Valley

Jaclyn St. John


Kimi Funk

Magic Valley

Kyli Gough

SE Idaho

Shalissa Tomkinson