We encourage all members to participate in our award process.  Self-nomination is encouraged.  

Nominations may be made at any time during the year but must be received by March 1st of the award cycle.

Click here to submit a nomination: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DMZVFR5

Criteria for Affiliate Awards from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year, Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year, Outstanding Dietitian of the Year, and Emerging Dietetic Leaderhttps://community.eatrightpro.org/dpgmigaffiliateleaders/leader-resources/affiliate-leader-resources/affiliate-operations-finances/awards

Outstanding Dietetics Student Awards are selected by the Universities using the criteria from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Outstanding Dietetics Student Awards (eatrightpro.org)

Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Lifetime Achievement Award (Idaho-specific award,  formerly the June Yerrington Award). The June Yerrington Award was established in 1980 to honor the memory of a beloved Idaho Dietetic Association Member.  The award was renamed by the voting members of the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Board in December 2021.  Prior award chairs provided comments to the board. The criteria for this award did not change. The rationale for the name change is described here: https://www.eatrightpro.org/news-center/member-updates/from-our-leaders/academy-updates-awards-to-elevate-and-amplify-members 

  • The Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Lifetime Achievement Award, formerly known as the June Yerrington Award, is the highest honor the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics bestows on one of its members.
  • The Award honors an Idaho Academy member who has contributed to the profession through extensive, active participation and service to the profession of nutrition and dietetics.
  • The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award is someone whose unique contributions have created new opportunities for the profession,  inspired others to take on leadership roles, and promoted the Idaho Academy’s mission, vision, and goals.
  • This award honors the respect the recipient has earned from his or her colleagues.
  • Criteria: Member of the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for at least ten years, current CV, and at least three letters of support, two of which must be Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members.

Gem Award (Idaho-specific award) 

  • The Gem Award recognizes nonmembers of the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that have promoted and/or encouraged good health, emphasizing sound nutrition habits through efforts to educate the public. In addition to financial contributions, this can be done through individual, company, or organizational efforts.

Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Preceptor Award(s) are  selected by the Universities –  Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Preceptor Award  

Additional awards may be presented as per special nominations and circumstances in that year given the Affiliate’s goals and activity (for example, Award of Merit, Outstanding Service).

Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year Award

2024Calla G. Chapin
2023Lea C. Steiner
2022Amy K. James
2021Rachel Lynne Krick
2020Melissa M. Wallinga
2019Megan Marjorie Johnson
2018Chelsea Schoenfelder
2017Rachelle L. Ausman
2016Molly Tevis
2015Jaclyn St. John
2014Amy Kramer
2013Marlee Harris
2012Kelee Hansen
2010Brittany McIntosh
2009Tiffany Muller
2008Katie Nelson Miner
2007Heidi Martin
2005Amanda Peterson
2004Carol Fellows
2003Tennille HoustonCarrie Davis
2002Crystal Wilson
2001Hydee Tubbs
2000Becky Sulik
1999RoseAnna Holliday
1998Hilary Horton
1997Sue Stillman
1996Marjorie Rich
1995Kristin McKie
1994Helen Hopkins
1993Colleen Phillip
1992Patty Marincic
1991Jean Zaske
1990Chris Bartles
1989Karen Mangum
1988Julie Walker
1987Laura Thomas
1986Karen Raese
1985Connie Lorenz
1984Denise Carter
1983Beverly Hannon
1982Kathy Cohen
1981Cindy Anderson
1980Judi P. Schuerman
1979Becky Shaw Swartz
1978Rita Bradley
1977Elaine Long

Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Award

2024Char M. Byington
2023Hydee E. Becker
2022Erin L. Green
2021Barbara L. Grant
2020Barbara J. Gordon
2019Julie J. Walker
2018Samantha A. Ramsay
2017Nancy L. Kure
2016Caroline Keegan
2015RoseAnna Holliday
2014SeAnne Safaii
2013Crystal Wilson
2012Elaine Long
2011Becky Shaw Swartz
2010Ruth Schneider
2009Becky Sulik
2008Cindy Horrocks
2007Sue Stillman
2006Kathy Vance
2005Marjorie Rich
2004Hilary Horton-Brown
2003Colleen Fillmore
2002Jean Heinz
2001Marisue Smith
2000Linda Morton
1999Helena Rizor
1998Chris Taow
1997Luana Tomchak
1996Cathy Bumgarner
1995Jean Zaske

Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Lifetime Achievement Award (formerly the June Yerrington Award)

2024Barbara L. Grant
2023RoseAnna B. Holliday
2021Corliss L. Trom
2020Crystal J. Wilson
2019SeAnne Safaii-Waite
2018Katherine (Kathy) Vance
2017Beverly N. Crabbs
2016Laura McKnight
2015Mimi Pengilly
2014Cathy Boysen
2013Nancy Rush
2012Sue Stillman Linja
2011Amanda Peterson
2007Becky Swartz
2005Kristin Bergeson
2004Mary Lou Beck Weiner
2003Kathe Gabel
2000Janel Smith
1999Laura Thomas
1995Ruth Schneider
1994Laura Ringe
1993Elaine Long
1992Judi P. Schuerman
1989Sally Howell
1988Sue Hagrman
1986Mary Echo
1984Shirley Newcomb
1983Mary Sugden
1982Agnes Foley

Gem Award

2024ID Dept. Health and Welfare DHDSP
2023Idaho Barley Commission
2022Dairy West
2021Shelly Johnson
2020Renee Watson
2018Keller Associates
2017Mary Leonard
2016Dr. John Eck
2015Dr. Ted Epperly
2014Coeur d’Alene Press
2013Representative Sue Chew and the Idaho Statesman (Chuck Malloy and Holly Anderson)
2012Pinnacle Business Group LLC (Steve Rector and Tim Olson) and Idaho Association of Public Health District Directors
2008Suzanne Craig
2004Boise Radio Station 94.9 “The River”
2002Maggie O’Mara, health reporter for KBCI in BoiseChef Joyce Doughty, Food for Thought on public radio
2000KBCI TV Channel 2 in Boise
1998The Idaho Beef Council
1993Ross Laboratories
1991The Idaho Dairy Council
1990The Idaho Statesman

Emerging Dietetic Leader

2024Kimberly A. Funk
2023Andrea M. Jeffery
2022Callie V. Miller
2019Kyli S. Gough
2017Kimberly J. Young
2016Deena LaJoie
2015Megan Williams
2014Samantha Ramsay
2013Wendy Rice
2012Becky McCarver
2010Tamara Smith
2009Peggy Moore

Recognized Dietetic Technican of the Year Award

2020Lori Ann Haroldsen
2014Sarah Bair
2013Kevin Conger

Outstanding Preceptor Awards

2024Natalie ChristensenIdaho State University
2024Jodell HoffUniversity of Idaho
2022Tisha MezaIdaho State University
2022Jacqueline (Jackie)
Ament Lewis
University of Idaho
2021Rachel KrickIdaho State University
2021Cathy BoysenUniversity of Idaho
2020Becky SulikIdaho State University
2020Jennifer LindUniversity of Idaho
2019Cheryl L. JorgensonIdaho State University
2019Barbara L. GrantUniversity of Idaho